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Live Coachings

The powerful live coaching sessions take place twice a week and last about 90 minutes. Here we deal intensively with self-love, mindset, inner peace and relationships . Instead of gray theory, it goes directly into practical implementation. So that you can take action and actively work on and resolve your issues with my support.

Holistic and flexible

The HEARTset Journey is based on a holistic approach . In addition to regular coaching, you will benefit from live yoga , meditation, among other things – led by certified teachers and consultants. In addition, a LIVE Q&A takes place every 2 weeks. All appointments are recorded – so you don’t miss anything.

Personal care

You start your journey with a 1:1 onboarding call , so that you benefit from the personal support from my team and I from the very first minute. In addition to weekly coaching, the HEARTset Journey includes regular and scheduled check-in calls so that you can record your progress and achieve your goals 100%.

Now let's be honest:

You're asking yourself what you actually want from your life, right?

Your environment is constantly coming around the corner with important decisions and although you have always had a plan so far, you don’t know where to start or where the journey will go!

You want to change that so that you feel really good in your 30s again? I would love to help you find answers.

Together we look at your lifestyle so that you feel more clarity and connection again – without having to turn your whole life upside down.

And you gain that through coaching with me.

What if tomorrow you live the life your heart beats for?

Well, why the hell not!

Find lightness and joy through your heart job and create a life that suits you and your wishes!

The goal: You feel connected to yourself and lead a fulfilling life full of clarity and calm.

Coaching journey

The problem

The second step in the coaching process then deals directly with the problem. With a problem analysis, the core of the concern is examined and precisely determined, which has previously prevented a solution to this problem.

The solution

After the problem analysis, the solution finding follows. The choice of concepts depends heavily on the specific course of the coaching and the individual resources of the client. In general, however, it is important to train your own willpower, to strengthen your personal ability to cope with stress and to build up steadfast resilience.

The goal

The be-all and end-all of the coaching process is the precise formulation of the coaching goal. The goal sets the direction of the coaching and is one of the biggest motivators for the client. 

Do you deal with these or similar topics?

Your coach is your very personal sparring partner who listens, questions and meets challenges that arise with you. And sometimes gives you the necessary impetus in a motivating way if you get stuck yourself .

What would that change in your life?

Develop a positive MINDSET and discover your true potential. Through optimistic and friendly thoughts you create your strongest self and develop a new self-image. 

More self-efficacy

We are here for you!

And you get that in the coaching package

In just 3 months you will gain more clarity about yourself and the life you want to lead.

The be-all and end-all of the coaching process is the precise formulation of the coaching goal. The goal sets the direction of the coaching and is one of the biggest motivators for the client. 

You don’t have to wait for your next appointment! If you have individual questions, we are always at your side via WhatsApp. In this way we guarantee the best possible progress for you and leave no request unanswered. 



coaching package

Are you already living your values?

Get my free workbook and start making better decisions for yourself and your life today.

Have you ever wondered how values ​​influence your decisions? No? You’ll be surprised!

The workbook guides you step by step through your work and private life with the aim that you will know your 3 most important values ​​at the end.

With the help of the value tree you can see what drives you in life and gain clarity about what is really important to you.

In the course of life, your values ​​can change depending on your life situation. You can therefore use the workbook again and again if you need orientation.

The workbook is my little thank you for your entry in my newsletter distribution list!


If you are seriously interested in working together, first have a free preliminary talk with your coach. In this session you get to know each other and clarify how working together suits both sides and how your coach can support you perfectly with your topic.


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Contact us by phone or email. In a free and non-binding initial telephone call or video call, we can clarify the rough order and it is possible to get to know each other.

Coaching can take place in my coaching rooms or at your place. I can also offer you online coaching on various data protection-compliant online platforms. Ultimately, coaching is also possible in a hybrid form, i.e. a change between online and face-to-face.

A coaching usually lasts 4-10 sessions of 1.5-2 hours each. I can make you a concrete proposal after a first conversation.

After an initial telephone contact, I will make you an offer. If that appeals to you, we will arrange a first coaching session. Both sides then decide again whether they can imagine further cooperation.

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